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Camping Free Beach: 29.03.2018 – 23.09.2018
Camping Village Free Time: 21.04.2018 – 21.10.2018
5 – 6 person Mobile Homes with wooden veranda


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Sightseeing tours, wine tasting, holiday packages in Tuscany.

With us everyone will find their kind of holiday, whatever you seek it all starts here…
The adventurer type: Tuscany is full of medieval towns and villages that’s just waiting to be discovered. From the Etruscans to the Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany is possibly the greatest repository of art in the world, from extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces.
With its lyrical landscapes, world-class art and a superb cucina contadina (farmer's kitchen), the Tuscan experience is perfectly in symbiosis with the land.

The active type: Whether it’s hiking, snorkelling, scuba diving, sea fishing, parasailing or cycling (just to mention a few) is your way of enjoying your holiday, you’ll find it all here. Marina di Bibbona sits in the middle of the Tuscan coast, an ideal spot to set base and just do it all. Get out, explore, hike and ding your bicycle bell, as this rousing landscape demands.

The plain lazy: Tuscany with its superb world class wine and magnificent cuisine will accompany anyone on their journey who just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy life at its best.

Marina di Bibbona is a true gem on the Tuscan Riviera, peace and tranquillity all around…

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  • Bali

    Bali from Hungary/Eger: "Chocolate ice cream please...:)"

  • A Doucanaris-család Cyprusról

    Doucanaris-family from London: "Marina di Bibbona is so magical, we are definitely be back next year! :)"

  • Alex

    "Mummy I want to stay here!!"

  • Stregovaek

    Stregova-family from Hungary: "we're always holiday here, What a great team! :)"

  • Sissi

    Sissi from Italy: "I will be back next year too...:)"

Did you know?

  • 2017 Blue Flag Award Beaches in Tuscany
    • Marina di Bibbona is one of the 19 Blue Flag Beaches in Tuscany
  • Michelin starred restaurant, Marina di Bibbona
    • One of Italy's best seafood Michelin Stared restaurants - conducted by Luciano Zazzeri - can be found on the beach of Marina di Bibbona. Only a few minutes from our campsites. Walking past La Pineta it's easy to mistake the restaurant for a lovely but simple beach bar.
  • Water Adventure Park - Aqua Village Cecina
    • - In the nearby seaside town Cecina, there is a fantastic water and adventure park waiting to entertain your whole family. The slides combined length reach nearly 2000 meter. :)
  • The leaning tower of Pisa (Torre Pendente)
    • • The tower before is completion (1372) was already leaning. The real identity of Tower of Pisa’s architects is a mystery. Thanks to the soft ground, it had begun to lean by the time its builders got to the third story, in 1178. Shifting soil had destabilized the tower’s foundations. Over the next 800 years, it became clear the 55-metre tower wasn’t just leaning but was actually falling at a rate of one to two millimetres per year. Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is more than five meters off perpendicular.
  • Etruscan Riviera
    • On the western coast of the boot-shaped Italy there lies a stretch of land in the heart of Tuscany that is called "The Coast of the Etruscans" which is home to some of the most naturally beautiful beaches and luscious green pine woods. Named for its inhabitants that date back before the birth of Christ, The Coast of the Etruscans is located in the Province of Livorno and extends over 80 kilometers of sandy beaches, sand dunes, rocks and cliffs beginning from the capital city of Livorno and finishing at the city of Piombino, the southernmost city in the Province. The entire area is particularly rich in flora, fauna and areas of archeological interest.


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